Heavy machinery moving through a swaying field of wheat

Rolling, crushing harvesting

Through a deafening, violent act of controlled carnage


Hoards of people

Push and roll along endless squares of cement

Trains and automobiles

Honks and yells

Millions of eyes

Examine the ground

You remember the moment well

Etched in time

Etched in your mind

This…all this…

Has nothing to do with me


You adjust the scarf on her shoulders

Showing her how to hold her hands

Feeling the closeness…

Feeling the openess

Feeling her quiet gaze

The still interaction

Bare feet in the sand and water

The endless living, breathing ocean in your ears

A small smile when reading later…

Much later…

Reading… but hearing the glee

“I cannot believe that is me…!”

When you look

What do you see?

Are we where we want to be?

Oh…the voice rises

The raised voice

Placing emphasis

Placing emphasis on the self



I think I am going be sick


Her eyes calmed me

Her eyes are what I really remember

They seemed to embody her entire being

She appeared out of nowhere

I turned and she was there

She spoke quietly

But, the words had weight

“Where ever you go,

Whatever you do

When you stop

When you stop, and look three-feet to your left

You will see me.


I will be there,

With you


Until then...

Until the end”