Soul mates
And the obliteration of the self
In a world created and maintained
By thoughts
Too often confused with sex

When I leave
I know there will be people (using the word loosely) waiting for me
I know this in the deepest darkest recesses of this body
That someday I will discard like an old deeply loved – but worn out – coat
I go through life trying to figure out the individuals I knew from before

I am certain of,
Not very many
But, by design
I do not think there would be many
In the meantime
There is love

My Gawd is there love!
When together walking
You can see it
Certainly, feel it
It is everywhere
No use wondering where things are going from here
We cannot know

Simply limit the thoughts
Limit the scope of the world
Quality over quantity if you will
And watch
Silently watch
The great unfolding