A large tortoise walks in the mud along the elevated bank

From a distance he is seen, and from a distance I begin the stalk

I am seen in the high grass, and the tortoise heads back the other way alarmed

Alarmed…my camera falls into the mud and water


A large empty house on tall pilings

A wall runs out either side of the house ending with coils of barbwire

To keep me in or the creatures out… I am not certain

I breach the wall and look beneath the house for the tortoise


A large serpent

Seeing me it raises its head

Multiple heads come out of the water and mud peering at me

A second massive serpent with a copper-colored head approaches from a distance


Both exceed twenty-meters in length

They are preparing to battle

I withdraw

Withdrawing, and suddenly I am back…home


A high isolated alpine spillway

Massive trout can be seen swimming over copper-colored rocks in the shallow water

There is a bite to the air

I have always come here


The silence rings in my ears

I am communicating with someone who cannot be seen

There are no words

Very few thoughts


An empty dazzling crystal

In solitude

Reflects light

I am home