My hand

My fingernails

Slide over her back


For this to be perfect my nails should be longer

Without a word


With minimal movement

One of her arms drops down

Slips behind her

Removing her bottoms




That is what her tiny bottom looks like

The good thing is I am sure…fairly certain

She did not intend to remove her bottoms 30-minutes ago

I hate premeditated sex

Truthfully, to be perfectly candid

I am not crazy about the closeness


In any light…

Her quiet communication interrupts my thoughts….

What, where was I?


I am not crazy about the stale bread moment and moments

That follows the barnyard activity


I do not like the smiles

Somehow they do not seem genuine

But I definitely do

Appreciate the delightful sensuality

Of fingernails slowly dragging over an exposed back

And of course this is what led to her bottoms being removed



It is OK

Soft kisses on the back of the neck

A handful of hair

A soft tug

A great quietness


What do you know?

No smiles

Very nice

A hint of amusement

A quiet measuring

As her gaze moves over my face



She turns back

Her forehead rests on her arms

My nails once again drag over her back

We are one

One together


For a brief fleeting moment in time

In the dim early stillness

We are one

In the new light of a new morning