Waves ceaselessly pound the shore

Never waiting for an answer

The response is of no relevance

After having come so far

To with one resounding crash

Say I love you

Then disappear


Into thin air

Leaving only the echo

Running wildly for the distant hills


In its rarest and truest form


The short-winged falcon

Plummeting earthward

At breathtaking speeds

Heedless of her own safety

Knowing only the rush of wind in her face

And the exhilaration in her heart

The love possessing her entire being

The very reason

She is

Her knowing this

Her only true possession

In life

And the only one she needs


The echo disappears into the hills

White foam falls back into the sea

The hare’s cry shatters the dawn

As falcon feathers float away on the wind


Love in its rarest and truest form

By now I know you know what I am trying to say


Happy Valentines Day