What’d you say?


It was an upstairs room

Bleached and scarred pine boards for a floor

White knotted curtains being pushed around by the sea breeze coming in the open window

I lay on the rickety bed in between

In between wakefulness and sleep

Within this dim room I was aware of the door opening

And rolled over on the bed

Rolling over to the wakefulness side

She was not looking at me

She was looking up and down the hallway behind her

Before quietly closing the door

Turning and smiling

She was and is…beautiful beyond words

And we go back…a long way

We have known tears


Summer nights

Summer days

The cold hard shoulder of the interstate

And love

We have met in a crowded room

Swimming within a sea of people

Exchanging polite pleasantries

Both being watched closely

But our eyes reach for each other

Find each other

And a silent extended exchange begins and ends in a millisecond

Inward smiles

The glow of love

This vine

Has a mind of its own

Grows on its own

A beautiful

Living, breathing thing

Standing between us


Holding both our hands


Light changes speed as it enters the prism

Time bends and refracts

The present disperses

Into yesterday and tomorrow


Individualistic blends of color

A blend of two

Mix and mesh

Then slowly rise


What is

Never was

Will always be

Then and now


What’d you say?