The selfish giant north wind blows, howls and rages

Yelling at the brilliant fluorescent full moon

They together push and pull the darkness

Yelling at the shining stars

Yelling at these stars that dare poke holes in the night

He rages as he remembers

Remembering the warm throngs

Remembering the jostling jolting external influences

Remembering the comforting caressing soft whispers

Of circling southern breezes

He no longer ruffles and whips their wild tresses into a frenzy

He no longer whips granules of sand up and over the soft curves of their bleached dunes

He no longer moves up and into the high softly swaying fine grasses

He now blows granules of snow off high isolated peaks just before dawn

Whispering at the burning and smiling red sun as he takes his first peek over the horizon

The red sun stretching and rising

Into the cold clarity of a slate blue isolated alpine morning

The rising sun

The only one that truly understands the depth and breadth of this selfish raging mountain gale

They rise together

Then go down together

Embracing as they fall

Settling into the black blue twilight

Settling into a deep resigning peace

With one final look

With one final visual exchange

They say goodnight

The last touching solitary fingers gently pull apart

Until yet another slate blue dawn

Rolls around

Through it all

Through every single solitary rotation

Through every rage and every resignation

Until the end

The selfish raging giant north wind never forgets

He never ever entirely leaves

It is part of him he knows…buried, but within

And, once in a while

When the moon is still and holding water

When all is dark and peaceful

He rises and circles back

Circling back to the comforting caressing southern soft whispers

They meet and greet silently in the warm darkness

Then slowly embrace

For yet another

Last…long, slow gentle kiss