It is an ending today




The leaves

All color and beauty

Victims of his rage


Wet lifeless and dead

Their limp bodies

Litter the scarred black asphalt

The glass of the window and wood pane

Shakes and rattles

As the filtered gray light

Spills into the room

The top of the nightgown

Hangs loosely from her waist

Her full bare breast

Profiled against the cloudy wet glass

The pale soft white underside

Contrasted by the dark brown bark-like color and texture

The moment

Frozen in time

Speaks of life

Speaks of hope

On this gray dark morning

A velvet-like quiet warmth

Hangs in the room

Mixing with the filtered gray light

The rattling window

Seems far away


Temorarily beaten back and at bay

Watches the touch

Watches the kiss

Then sits back

Exasperated by his inability to act

As our spirits merge