My Love soars


Her arms outstretched

Fingers rushing through the green leaves of the treetops

She rides

The uplifting west wind

With wings still

At breathtaking speeds

Straight through the center of my being


While closing my eyes

I hold to the feeling

The beautiful rush

The feel of her fingers

Brushing through my heart

Now her fingers

Brushing through my mind

As our hands gingerly cradle

An empty cup


Her hand covers mine

Cheek presses cheek

As we both slowly and carefully drink

The fleeting and passing moment

Everlasting eternity




All rolled into one


By our soft quiet laughter

We continue to swirl, and stare into the light-filled empty cup

I feel her warm presence shift

The back of her shoulder

Rests inside of mine

Our thoughts

Converse in low quiet tones

There is silence…stillness

Then, a sound…a shift of light…and there are not two,


There is one