Wind swept rain

Deep dark brown wet earth


As raindrops



Into the puddles

Ever widening circles of water and light


Glorious light

Now stretching its fingers into early evening

A soft forgiving darkness settles


Glorious love

The greatest of all interpretations

Ever evolving

Ever changing

Right in front of our eyes

The child

The child dances

Dances slowly

With the spirit

The spirit

Worn shiny and smooth

Subtle vivid colors

Holding light and wisdom


Beautiful is the spirit

Beautiful is the child

My God 

The wisdom behind those sparkling eyes

He rests his hand upon my shoulder

A joyous, but somewhat sad grin adorns his face

Shaking his head

Then grinning wider

His head falls upon his own hand

Falls upon my shoulder

The child and the spirit


Windswept rain

Pockets of warm moist air

Holding promises


Soft gentle moist kisses


Rolling down buttery smooth flushed cheeks

Rolling down high granite faces

The child smiling

Still smiling

Picks up his head

Our eyes embrace

Understanding blossoms

Unspoken promises

Pockets of blue sky 

Without a word

We pick up our things

And walk on

Walk with unspoken promises

Under blue sky

We walk on

Walk on into the early morning mist

Of Spring