The white perennial drifts

Dipping and tipping


In white and blue

Turbulent water

White pedals

Creased and injured

Break off

And float away

It becomes smaller

As it moves downstream

Floating wide

Around the bend

The banks on either side

Closing in…

Plants and animals


Never before seen by human eyes

Watch the journey

Suddenly sitting erect

Gently held upright

By the hands of the river

He yells to the heavens

To the blue sky

To the sun

To the river

“Who knows!

Who knows!

The measure of my love?”

The answer echoes everywhere

And nowhere

For all to hear

With nobody there



All know

The measure of your love.”

He collapsed


At one with the water that carried him

At peace

As he was carried downstream

Out of sight

Further into an unknown landscape

Never before seen

By human eyes


The word continued to echo in his mind



Knew not the measure of his love